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Re: Debian and GG

I CC to Hermann because I don't know if he has subscribe to this mailing-list.

On 21/04/21 12:11, Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 08:00:05AM +0000, Hermann Ingjaldsson wrote:
I have developed a program that makes it easier to work in the terminal.
I have published it here:

To be honest I couldn't understand from this page what does this software
actually do except for displaying the folder contents, for which you could
just use a much more featureful file navigator like mc (or, if one likes
toys and vim integration, run `vim .`).

I think it is not so simple to understand what that software can do, probably it is better that Hermann create some examples that show what you can do with that.

I have seen other terminal "extensions" that let you have help during command composition...

Would Debian be interested in including GG in the Debian system?

Debian cannot include it until it has a license (and a DFSG-free one).
But I also doubt Debian will benefit from including his software.

If I don't mistake the software don't have a copyright statement and a license to apply to them.

If this is correct the software cannot be used by anyone without a written permission signed by the copyright owner.

I suggest to Hermann to search for a license to use and then to compile a correct "use" of that license (== Copyright + license).

You can find an useful introduction on how to do that here, also if you don't select the GPL license:

I would like to suggest to use always the AGPL license, this one is the only license that I know that let protect your free software on any actual usage type.

After you have done that and you have select a license that is "compatible" with Debian you can do:

1) ask is someone in Debian (a DD = Debian Developer) or someone else can create a package for this software and maintain it.

for doing that you can fill a bug report in the wnpp pseudo-package
you can see here the wnpp filled actually

I would warn you that this is not a good choice, because probably you don't will find anyone that will do that.

2) package your software yourself and do the maintenance work. You must find a mentor that tell you what, eventually, you have make in the wrong way and help you solve problems. And also a DD: someone (that can be the same person above) that can publish the package in the Debian repository for you

you can find more info here:


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