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Re: Debian and GG

On 21/04/21 22:02, Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 08:54:45PM +0200, Davide Prina wrote:

I would like to suggest to use always the AGPL license

c) think how should it be applied to this
particular software.

I think that in future some player will let you have all your software on-line. You will need to have only a thin-client-like that let you to access the "cloud" and you will have all here. So every thing that have an user interface can be protected with the AGPL and not let the "cloud provider" to do everything he would like with your software without giving back nothing.

I think that this scenario can be very dangerous for free software and the only way to protect you software is to use the AGPL also for things that have not a user interface, as a library.

In this scenario nearly all the software can be not free software and "they" can use free software to build not free software products legally... except if you use AGPL.

Also in this scenario all the free software can be less interoperable and less usable to do things, it is very simple to do that. For example look at Firefox. I see a "war" against Firefox from a lot of players that not let their software working correctly or fully working on Firefox (see, for example, a lot of videoconferencing software). This obligate a lot of user to use other browser and this is the first step for take away users from Firefox. You can say that there is Chromium, but also Chromium not always work correctly... without some proprietary parts that are in Chrome, Edge, ...
Note also that there are pressure to Mozilla to build Firefox on Chromium...


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