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Re: DEP-16 Confidential votes

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 11:41:52AM +0200, Timo Röhling wrote:
> Also, I want to clarify that
> the current protocol with hash pseudonyms for secret voting in DPL elections
> is not in the Constitution either

4.2.6 Votes are cast by email in a manner suitable to the Secretary.

> If you still think that a DEP is not the appropriate place for this,
> I'll gladly put it elsewhere (I would be grateful for suggestions,
> though).

It would sound like a good idea to me that a GR to change the 
constitution to make all votes secret should also add language
like "in a verifiable way".

Regarding technical details:
What improvements do you have in mind?
Will you be the person who implements them?
Has this been discussed with the Project Secretary?

> Cheers
> Timo


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