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Re: DEP-16 Confidential votes

* Pierre-Elliott Bécue <peb@debian.org> [2021-04-13 11:19]:
I would rather not reserve any DEP for this right now. We actually don't
really know if any space for DEP text regarding secret voting will be
left out. The voting procedure is historically described extensively in
the Constitution, and no DEP will be able to override that.
I was under the impression that DEPs are intended as a general way to
discuss improvements for Debian in a somewhat formalized context,
regardless how this is implemented eventually. Also, I want to clarify that
the current protocol with hash pseudonyms for secret voting in DPL elections
is not in the Constitution either, and my proposal only concerns that
technical detail, not the voting system itself or the political side
whether or not a secret vote should be held.

If you still think that a DEP is not the appropriate place for this,
I'll gladly put it elsewhere (I would be grateful for suggestions,


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