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Re: Abusive language on Debian lists

>>>>> "Eldon" == Eldon Koyle <ekoyle@gmail.com> writes:

    Eldon> Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

    Eldon> I think I did a bad job of explaining.  I'm talking about
    Eldon> English words that universally accepted as swearing.  I have
    Eldon> not seen this class of words used constructively in lists,
    Eldon> and they are already forbidden.

I'd be against that.
I think the blanket prohibition  of profanity in the list code of
conduct is outdated and harmful.

I absolutely agree that profanity directed at an individual-- you are a
blank-- or at a group is problematic.
I was not pleased with Steve's original comment that I was copied on in
private mail before the recipient forwarded to a Debian list.

But I think a blanket prohibition would be harmful:

* Sometimes you are quoting others or quoting something with artistic or
  literary value.

* Tone policing is a thing.  Sometimes a cry for help reaches a level
  where profanity captures your emotional state.  "I'm so fucking tired
  of being dehumanized."
  And yeah, sometimes you take that to far... "Those fucking  insert
  group label here just don't understand."  And yes, that's
  inappropriate.  But in some important cases rejecting your cry for
  help because of how you phrase it is far more inappropriate.

* Sometimes profanity directed at a situation really does let you get
  off a little steam.  "This situation is a fucking mess.  I don't know
  how to help people find empathy and listen to each other."
  And yeah, for me, I actually felt tension release saying that in a
  strong manner like that.
  And yes, it's impolite, and yes, doing it often is problematic.
  But once in a while lets us remember that we're all human.


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