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Re: Abusive language on Debian lists

On Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 06:22:57PM -0600, Eldon Koyle wrote:
> I have noticed a pattern on Debian lists where we see:


> I would like to propose that we shorten this cycle by simply adding a rule
> to bounce messages to public lists at #3 [...]

The problem with this is... who is going to do that?

- If you have just a few in charge, their biases will dominate:
  what is and is not offending is bound to interpretation;
- if you have some formal process in charge (voting, etc.),
  someone has to bear its burden;
- etc. etc.

In short, you are posing That One Very Hard Question™: how does
a group of people manage "getting along together"?

You're not the first one to pose it, mind you :-)

I think the current set-up in the Debian mailing lists is a good
equilibrium: there is a moderation, but it only intervenes in
exceptional cases. Usually, intervention is from the participants
in the list.

I think also that if you want to change things you should take
that equilibrium into account and move from there, instead of
trying to "make a new world from scratch". Engineering *is*
messy :-)

To give backing to a welcoming "culture", there is the Code of

On debian-user@ there is even a regular posting, as a reminder
(a recently started experiment): "debian-user list info and
guidelines (FAQ)", a reminiscence of the regular postings whic
were customary in good old Usenet times.

Note that this all needs care & feeding -- thanks & kudos for
the above go to Andrew M.A. Cater.

 - t

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