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Re: Debian should not engage in politics and stay neutral [was: This is not the direction that will lead to hearing each other]

Quoting Pierre-Elliott Bécue (2021-04-09 18:05:57)
> Le vendredi 09 avril 2021 � 17:27:30+0200, Thomas Goirand a �crit�:
> > The point is: is there some restrictions on political views that the 
> > Debian community/project would like to enforce? I've heard someone 
> > complaining that the Debian project hasn't made a statement about 
> > black live maters and George Floyd. Is it ok if I believe in 
> > Communist and strongly support the Chinese government, including the 
> > social engineering part? Am I allowed to be a Trump supporter, 
> > denying the climate change is man made?

> > And there's what Adrian wrote:
> > 
> > > If membership in Debian would imply anything about political 
> > > opinions, this could get some of our members into untenable 
> > > positions where I would be worried about their safety.
> > 
> > which I very much agree with. We also don't want Debian to become 
> > banned from some countries because the project is too much engaged 
> > into political debates (no need to name a particular country here I 
> > suppose...).


> There seem to be for me some confusion here.

Could your confusion perhaps stem from your reading "politics" as 
meaning "any societal topic" where Thomas and Adrian seemingly talks 
about "topics not directly tied to making a free software distribution"?

> It is not the same at all to accept people with different views and to 
> let them express these if they go against the Code of Conduct we 
> voted.

What does our Code of Conduct have to do with Black Lives Matter or 
Communism or Trump or the topic of our current (non-DPL) vote?

[ irrelevant distracting personal opinion snipped ]

> Apart from that, Debian is political by its mere existence, and 
> expressing some opinion on who does or does not help us to achieve our 
> goals is quite relevant.

Seems Thomas and Adrian are not talking about everything being 
political, but about whether or not Debian should *widen* the scope of 
*which* political topics to care for.

> The fact that you are not alone having this opinion doesn't mean it is 
> the most shared one.

Sorry, what is your point here? Do only majority viewpoints matter?

 - Jonas

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