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Re: Appeal procedure for DAM actions

On 15277 March 1977, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

Thank you very much, Joerg (and DAM team) for coming up with this
proposal. I have just returned to work after a month off, and my brain
isn't yet 100% wired to be productive again (WAY off 100%, I'd say),
but this really looks like a good (although perfectible - but what
isn't?) answer to our current situation.

I've had about 4 months off just end of last year (well, not vacation, sick
leave), I know that thing.

I hope this helps the current tensions (to name them mildly) to be
relaxed and lets us sort out of the issue without further harm to the

I don't think it will steer anyone away from pathes of destruction they seem
hell bent on, but I do hope and assume it will make future cases less noisy.
Together with the other stuff posted elsewhere.

Now need to get some of the proposals for change included to make it better...

bye, Joerg

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