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Re: Project to improve Debian support model

Well that's interesting, but in all honesty, not to me. I have absolutely no interest what-so-ever in accessing users computers as a means of doing volunteer support. This system I am proposing is all about integrating Debian's support resources and providing users with a sort of Help and Support Center type frontend in Debian much like Microsoft has put in Windows since XP, where they can easily access support options at a glance. If someone wants to include a link to tools like this in there, I'm fine with that as long as its done like Windows did it, where it says "friend" or such, and its made clear that this is not a standard method of support. I'm trying to make things work in a synergistic fashion to make everyone's efforts most effective as a whole. Two people doing a direct connection doesn't really help that effort any.. and I personally don't see it being very common that people are going to want to sit around supporting end users directly for free. I mean sure, if there were people who were sitting around wanting to do this kinda support and users who wanted people to come into their computers, and this was all recorded that could be interesting.. but it could not be integrated back into our other systems.. how from a mailinglist or IRC channel am I going to reference what someone did in a VNC like session? Post a video link? So now I gotta try load a video on my orangepilite and sit there and watch a 20min video of people clicking around on stuff? No don't think so.. not what I'm looking for here. Besides this is already done.. so the only question then for this project is whether or not to hook this feature and to be aware of it to not duplicate anything it does. I think I'm good on both fronts there. I had no intention of doing anything like this, and already considered (from just looking at XP's Help and Support Center) including some hook to remote desktop support features.. but its the absolute LEAST of my concerns right now.

On Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 3:05 PM, Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> wrote:

On Sun, Oct 22 2017, Paul Wise wrote:

> While reading your proposal, I was reminded of this project:
> https://debug-me.branchable.com/
> https://joeyh.name/blog/entry/announcing_debug-me/

If the Debian package of debug-me is installed along with debian-keyring
(which it recommends, so this will usually happen), when a DD or DM
connects to a user's machine to help debug, they will be identified as
such by means of their PGP key.

Before writing debug-me off as insecure/not trustworthy, please be sure
to carefully review its documentation and FAQs.  It's designed to answer
all the usual concerns.

Sean Whitton

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