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Project to improve Debian support model

I've started a project with the aim to improve Debian's support model by designing software to help integrate and track all our support efforts and make a system that bridges the gap between our supporters, developers, and users in a synergistic way to make the most of our efforts and help us identify and solve issues more effectively and make sure the issues are documented and accessible to everyone in a way most suitable to their needs.


I am going to post to debian-devel, debian-project, and debian-user mailing lists.

For consideration of our project leaders, I ask for your input on this matter because our aim here is entirely Debian specific and our highest goal is to improve the Debian Project. We could very much use your guidance in the early planning of this project we are now doing. At some point when it comes time to roll out a beta and make this system available to users for testing, and hopefully one day integrate a fancy Help and Support Center into the Debian OS, we will need to cleanly integrate with many existing systems in a way that best reflects upon the project and it's goals. I have nothing specific at this point I want to address, consider this just a PING of sorts getting your attention and inviting your input while this is still being planned so that we don't have any major clashes in the future. Currently the project is only a week old and we've only begun to lay out a design model and haven't set anything in stone. 

I thank you for your time and will be interested in hearing any thoughts or concerns, and would happily welcome any interested parties to take any role they like in the design and implementation of this project.

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