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Re: Request for official help

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 02:06:54PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>So I think the Debian project has the following options:
>1. Write a letter like the one I propose below (NB this is
>   slightly different to the original one proposed.)
>2. Become an EAN issuer via something like this GSI website, and set
>   up an arrangement for EAN issuance on behalf of manufacturers.
>3. Become an EAN issuer and assign EANs for specific ISO files,
>   with the expectation that all manufacturers of DVDs or whatever
>   with the same contents, will use the same EAN.
>4. Decide that Debian products should always be sold with EANs
>   but that product manufacturers should acquire their own EANs
>   somehow.


>Therefore I propose that we should write a letter (1).  Draft below.
>We should probably run this past a lawyer.

Agreed 100%

>To Whom It May Concern
>The Debian Project ("Debian") and Software In The Public Interest ,
>Inc (SPI) wish to make known that:
>1. Debian, through its Trusted Organisations including SPI, own and
>control the trademark "Debian" in various jurisdictions.
>2. Debian does not provide European Article Numbers (EANs).  Nor do
>any of Debian's associated organisations do so on Debian's behalf.
>3. Debian and SPI give public permission for products embodying
>Debian's software and documentation to be sold, according to the
>Debian Trademark Policy (which can be found at
>https://www.debian.org/trademark).  That policy doese not make any
>requirement about EANs.  Therefore (provided the the policy is adhered
>to) we have no objection to Debian branded products being sold without
>4. Debian do not anticpate this situation changing in the next 2
>years.  Specifically, we do not expect to be issuing EANs within the
>next 2 years.
>5. Please therefore allow vendors of Debian merchandise to trade,
>notwithstanding any lack of EANs for those products.
>6. This is without predjudice, of course, to our right to enforce our
>trademarks against anyone found violating our trademark policy.  We
>are simply saying that lack of an EAN is, in itself, completely fine.
>for the Debian Project          for Software in the Public Interest

Looks good to me, but agreed also on the lawyer front.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"C++ ate my sanity" -- Jon Rabone

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