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Re: producing, distributing, storing Debian t-shirts

Martin Steigerwald dijo [Mon, May 01, 2017 at 10:13:58PM +0200]:
> > Make it fair-trade and printed by people with disabilities, like
> > we did for DC15, and it was somewhere around $8. I'd still buy
> > a shirt for $15 or so every now and then if it was a witty new
> > design and a cut of the proceeds were donated to Debian.
> I would not have any issue with paying an extra fee for fair-trade, organic T-
> Shirt. That most are not at FLOSS events is a reason why I sometimes do not 
> opt for a T-Shirt at all.
> The very cheap approach of T-Shirt doesn´t go along well with any kind of 
> idealism. Its very nice to hear in retrospect that the DC15 T-Shirts have been 
> fair trade – I didn´t know that.

Note that "fair trade" is a quite squishy notion. Speaking as a friend
of the producer, I can assure you that the printing process of our
usual Mexican dirt-cheap shirts are as fair-trade as they can be; I
cannot assure the details for the fibers to be organic, and I won't
claim the shirt maker themselves are overly idealistic, but the
printing process itself is not a "sweat shop", but a small family
business that struggles to survive _and_ help our movement, in which
they believe.

Of course, it helps that our country's economy is way cheaper than
Europe. I make a quite decent living and earn surely quite a bit over
average (several stddevs in fact), but I am still quite close to the
USA minimum wage. So, yes, a $3 shirt provides good value to their
printers in our reality.

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