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Re: producing, distributing, storing Debian t-shirts

Daniel Pocock dijo [Mon, May 01, 2017 at 09:00:34AM +0200]:
> Can you give an example of shipping costs from Mexico to the US and
> Mexico to Brussels (for FOSDEM)?

Bufff... It's a matter of checking the weight and asking DHL, Fedex,
and all of their kin :-| 

> I assume that if they were sent to a European country there would be
> VAT charges on arrival, between 8% and 23% depending on the country.

IIRC, it's covered within the various free trade agreements our
country has. Maybe somebody remembers better than me in European
DebConfs (I've always ran away from handling monetary issues).

> I did a quick search for information on the polo shirts, I have one
> with a logo in red and the other one has the logo in red and "debian"
> in white.  Both are embroidered onto the shirt and they last a long
> time.  Here is an example[1] from China:
> 500 polo shirts x $1.90 = $950
> 1500 polo shirts x $0.60 = $900
> So it is cheaper to make 1500 than 500.  I wonder if they would allow
> different coloured shirts (e.g. 500 black, 500 white, 500 blue) in a
> single batch.

Those producers are best suited for high-volume production, I'm giving
you the numbers for a small, family-owned, family-worked workshop
where a DebConf run (~500 shirts among all variations) is usually the
largest work in the year. There is little economic difference per item
between printing 50 and 500.

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