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Re: non-financial donations (was: call for help: partners program)

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 6:33 PM, martin f krafft wrote:

> If Debian had a wishlist, we could let partners join by donating
> hardware on this list — until the need is higher and we cannot wait
> and have to buy the hardware ourselves, so this would need to be
> actively managed.

We have a hardware wishlist but there is nothing on it yet and no-one
replied to my calls for adding things to it (on IRC, d-d-a).


The previous hardware wishlist became obsolete because it was
writeable only by the web team.

There is also the DSA wishlist but half of it is obsolete since zack
created sources.d.n.


Looking at my hardware-donations@d.o archive, we've been offered
mostly hardware that we can't use for one reason or another; out of
warranty, too slow/ancient, donor didn't follow-up with suggestion to
contact porters or we had no use for them. So far only one of eight
has been accepted and that was from the manufacturer and was very new

IIRC, the partners program was meant for continuous support every year
like supplying machines as-needed for port X rather than one-off

Re financial donations, I'd personally like to see more focus on
something like having 20k or more individuals donating $10 a year and
most of them listed on contributors.d.o, as opposed to turning Debian
into more of an advertising organisation, which seems to be the end of
the spectrum we are headed towards.



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