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Re: call for help: partners program

On 15/03/15 at 14:51 +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> Sorry for bringing up
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2015/03/msg00020.html
> earlier today without having seen this message last month.
> also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org> [2015-02-17 14:02 +0100]:
> > I would like to build a small group of people in charge of this program.
> Count me in.

That's great! Steffen Möller (Cced) also volunteered. Maybe you too
could start discussing how you want to organize, and get the ball

> > Ideally, this program would be merged with a Debian fundraising
> > team.
> Do we have a fundraising team? If not, then no need to merge, for
> then you are talking about the fundraising team, no? Anyway,
> details…
> > 1) improve the DebConf fundraising processes, and keep in mind
> >    that it could be transferred from 'DebConf fundraising' to
> >    'Debian fundraising'
> We're (DebConf fundraising) already looking at ourselves as that, at
> least when we take a step back, so I'd say that you can check this
> off. This was obvious in the discussion around a CRM, which we'll
> need desperately…
> > 2) revitalize the partners team
> … and which I'd introduce as point 2.5). In fact…
> > 3) discuss merging both efforts when they are both in a sufficiently
> > good shape.
> … I wouldn't do it this way. Please let me propose an alternative
> idea that I think could get us further faster without disrupting
> DebConf fundraising until we're ready to.
> How about we revive the partners team and work e.g. on a brochure
> / marketing material (incl. all the benefits and stuff we "sell"),
> as well as a CRM (and cash collection automation).¹
> Meanwhile, communications between this newly revived team and the
> DebConf team will be keep all on the same page and it might well
> make sense to prepare our DebConf sponsors e.g. during the DC16
> cycle.²
> Once a CRM is in place and we have products identify that we can
> sell to our subscribers,³ then we can dive into the waters and merge
> in DebConf fundraising.

The above plan looks good to me.

Please let me know if you need something from me.
- Lucas

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