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Misc Developer News (#38)

The news are collected on https://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews
Please contribute short news about your work/plans/subproject.

In this issue:
 + Gitorious and Codehaus closing
 + More Application Managers needed
 + Help check all the things!
 + Hardware donations moved to wiki
 + SSL certificate verification on debian.org hosts

Gitorious and Codehaus closing

 Both and Gitorious and Codehaus are closing soon. Gitorious will[1] shut
 down at the end of May and Codehaus will[2] be removing projects from
 April 2nd onwards (most around May 17th). There are quite a number of
 projects in Debian that use Gitorious or Codehaus for their hosting.
 Folks who maintain packages whose upstream projects use Gitorious or
 Codehaus might want to talk to their upstreams about where they will move
 to and or backup code repositories and other data.

  -- Paul Wise

 [1] https://about.gitlab.com/2015/03/03/gitlab-acquires-gitorious/
 [2] https://codehaus.org/

More Application Managers needed

 There is currently a queue of prospective Debian members waiting for
 Application Managers (AMs). If you would like to help increase the number
 of Debian members after the recent set of retirements, please read the AM
 tutorial[3] and contact the New Members Front Desk[4]. Any Debian
 Developer is eligible to become Application Manager.

  -- Paul Wise

 [3] https://wiki.debian.org/FrontDesk/AMTutorial
 [4] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/FrontDesk

Help check all the things!

 check-all-the-things is a tool to check all of the things, well, most of
 them, well, some of the ones related to an unpacked or post-build source
 package or VCS repository anyway. It will soon[5] be available in
 experimental and can be checked out from collab-maint git[6]. It is
 designed to be used on developer systems and it is a wrapper to make it
 easier to run many checker tools like lintian or cppcheck with one
 command. I gave a demo at the DebConf14 live demo session[7] (video[8]).
 I'm looking for collaborators and knowledge of tools we can use to check
 Debian. If you know of a tool in Debian it could wrap, please commit a
 checker, send a patch or a link. If you know of a tool not yet in Debian
 it could wrap, please package the tool and or send a link. You can ask
 questions about it on the Debian QA mailing list or IRC channel.

  -- Paul Wise

 [5] https://ftp-master.debian.org/new/check-all-the-things_2015.02.04.html
 [6] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/check-all-the-things.git
 [7] https://summit.debconf.org/debconf14/meeting/40/live-demos/
 [8] http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2014/debconf14/webm/Live_Demos.webm

Hardware donations moved to wiki

 Debian's hardware donations wishlist has moved to the Debian wiki as the
 current content was obsolete and moving it to the wiki allows all Debian
 contributors to add their Debian-related hardware wishlists. If you have
 a need for hardware to enable your work on Debian, please add[9] an entry
 to the wiki so that hardware donors can contact you about it. You may
 also usertag bugs (see below) that need hardware. If you receive hardware
 from donors, please post a report about your use of it to the relevant
 places and update your page. Obsolete hardware wishlist pages should be
 renamed so they are moved to the list of received hardware. Hardware that
 is no longer needed should be returned, donated again or disposed of

 For existing bugs that need hardware, run this command:

   bts user hardware-donations@debian.org , usertag 123456 hardware-needed

 For new hardware-needed bugs, add these to your bug pseudo-headers at the
 top of the mail:

   User: hardware-donations@debian.org
   Usertags: hardware-needed

  -- Paul Wise

 [9] https://wiki.debian.org/Hardware/Wanted#add

SSL certificate verification on debian.org hosts

 For those of you running services on debian.org hosts run by DSA, there
 has been a change in how our SSL cert config is setup. Previously
 /etc/ssl/certs mostly contained only certs for debian.org services,
 however this was not consistent between hosts. To address this, going
 forward, DSA-administered machines do not trust any CA certs and only
 trust SSL certs for debian.org services. Some software is unable to
 verify debian.org service certs without the CA cert being present and
 trusted. For such software, DSA has provided /etc/ssl/ca-debian as a
 workaround. Some services need to verify the SSL certs of arbitrary
 services on the Internet that could change their SSL provider at any
 point in time. For such software, DSA has provided /etc/ssl/ca-global,
 which contains all the certs trusted by ca-certificates. Please read the
 announcement[10] and the workarounds[11] wiki page for details of how to
 use these new directories.

  -- Paul Wise

 [10] https://lists.debian.org/1420629595.22794.12.camel@debian.org
 [11] https://wiki.debian.org/ServicesSSL



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