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Re: call for help: partners program

Sorry for bringing up
earlier today without having seen this message last month.

also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org> [2015-02-17 14:02 +0100]:
> I would like to build a small group of people in charge of this program.

Count me in.

> Ideally, this program would be merged with a Debian fundraising
> team.

Do we have a fundraising team? If not, then no need to merge, for
then you are talking about the fundraising team, no? Anyway,

> 1) improve the DebConf fundraising processes, and keep in mind
>    that it could be transferred from 'DebConf fundraising' to
>    'Debian fundraising'

We're (DebConf fundraising) already looking at ourselves as that, at
least when we take a step back, so I'd say that you can check this
off. This was obvious in the discussion around a CRM, which we'll
need desperately…

> 2) revitalize the partners team

… and which I'd introduce as point 2.5). In fact…

> 3) discuss merging both efforts when they are both in a sufficiently
> good shape.

… I wouldn't do it this way. Please let me propose an alternative
idea that I think could get us further faster without disrupting
DebConf fundraising until we're ready to.

How about we revive the partners team and work e.g. on a brochure
/ marketing material (incl. all the benefits and stuff we "sell"),
as well as a CRM (and cash collection automation).¹

Meanwhile, communications between this newly revived team and the
DebConf team will be keep all on the same page and it might well
make sense to prepare our DebConf sponsors e.g. during the DC16

Once a CRM is in place and we have products identify that we can
sell to our subscribers,³ then we can dive into the waters and merge
in DebConf fundraising.


  ¹) DebConf fundraising uses a text-file and it's quite bad. A real
     CRM would really help the process and would be a great asset
     for Debian anyway. Allison Randall has taken a lot of time and
     scouted out some possibilities: https://titanpad.com/hHhmrGb7uY.
     So one contribution anyone who's less interested in sales and
     finances but still likes the ideas being discussed here would
     be to drive on this evaluation; then — in collaboration with
     DSA — identify a CRM we could use, and set it up.

  ²) We'll always also have DebConf fundraising: the small business
     close to Heidelberg giving us money to be able to be at the
     DC15 job fair, as well as the small startup in Cape Town going
     bronze this one time because it's in their home town even
     though they cannot really afford it, will not really be
     reachable by a global Debian partners/fundraising programme, at
     least not without support from the DCX team.

  ³) Reduced prices for DebConf sponsorship packages could be one
     such product…

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