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Re: call for help: partners program

On 16/03/15 at 09:32 +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org> [2015-03-16 07:55 +0100]:
> > Please let me know if you need something from me.
> I would like to know how the procedure will be between now and then.
> Let's make it easy and say up-front that we will not allow a sponsor
> to gain influence over project decisions, no matter how much money
> they give us.¹
> So we get to work and design the "products" to sell with our
> sponsorship brochure, i.e. bundling perks (benefits) for different
> levels. For instance, we might want to name sprints after our
> Silver+ sponsors, mention all Gold and Platinum sponsors in our
> press releases forthwith, and offer 50% discounts on the DebConf
> sponsorship packages of equal or lesser levels to all our sponsors.
> Obviously, none of this will be developed behind closed doors
> (though probably also not on a mailing list like this) and it'll be
> really useful to reach out to the community for feedback, scrutiny
> and ideas, but what I wouldn't want to do is "develop" this brochure
> in a mailing list discussion with dozens of people.
> I'd only be motivated to work on this if I was allowed to try
> things (within limits of course, and also respecting guidelines put
> forth in a delegation), make mistakes and recover from them. Can you
> imagine that we can pull this off?
>   ¹) I think we could open ourselves to ideas about this later on,
>      but that would certainly require a working programme and
>      a lengthy discussion about values. So let's not even go there
>      now.
Obviously I'm not in a position to make long term commitments as the
DPL. I'd welcome "crazy ideas" in that area, at least in a brainstorming
phase. Maybe you could start by working on a list of possible benefits,
and then discuss with the DPL and the project which ones we are willing
to give to sponsors?

Also note that one of the tricky parts of the partners role is the
ability to consider non-financial contributions (e.g. hardware, hosting,
sprint hosting, etc.). This is largely orthogonal, but must not be
forgotten. The pending partners inquiries are all of that nature.


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