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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

On Sat, 08 Feb 2014, Simon Paillard wrote:

> > I don't think Debian should shut down the mirror network; at least on a
> > national level. For example, right now I am configuring Debian AMIs
> > within China, and the only mirror I can access from there is
> > ftp.cn.debian.org.
> I don't want the current mirror network be dropped in favor of a CDN, for the
> same good reason of being independent of a too little group of CDN providers
> willing/able to carry Debian.

The goal should be that we provide users with the best means to get
packages quickly: low latency for requests, high bandwidth for
transfers, and soon after a dinstall run.

Users shouldn't have to pick their mirror manually, they shouldn't have
to update their configuration if anything breaks - nothing they would
pick should ever visibly break for end-users.

A user should be able to tell their system "give me debian [, I don't
care where it comes from]".

In the end it matters little how we achieve these goals, but we should
work towards them.
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