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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

Hi James,

On 08/02/14 at 13:48 +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
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> On 8/02/2014 11:46 AM, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> > Have you been trying to reach out to other CDN providers about supporting Debian? I know of
> discussions with Amazon CloudFront, but I remember some technical
> blockers? Could the DPL be of some help to you in that process?
> >
> > I am in active discussion with another CDN provider and I should
> restart the
> > CloudFront conversation.  There are technical considerations with
> Fastly, also,
> > that Tollef will work through.
> >
> > We've always been of the opinion that we need two CDN providers. 
> We're just
> > as concerned about vendor lock-in as anyone.
> Hello Luca, all,
> http://cloudfront.debian.net/ is continuing to do some traffic. It is
> also offering CDN acceleration for debian-cd and cdimage. We set up a
> second CDN distribution, http://cloudfront-security.debian.net/; however
> at this point in time CloudFront does not support IPv6. CloudFront now
> has 51 edge locations worldwide (having added Rio de Janerio, Taipei,
> Manila, Marseille and Warsaw recently) and supports custom SSL
> certificates if (Debian) want to do this.

Wasn't there an issue (that might not be CloudFront-specific) about the
refresh times of files in dists/? I remember reading about something
like that.

> As to lock in - CloudFront is an http cache network - stop handing out
> the cloudfront.debian.net URL and traffic naturally drops off; nothing
> else do to.

Sure, the hypothetical scenario which I'm worried about is:
- there's only one CDN provider willing to support Debian, and able to
  meet our technical requirements
- we switch everything to that CDN, and shut down our mirrors network
- the CDN provider decides that, after all, it doesn't want to support
  Debian anymore

Clearly, that's a long way from the current status, but that's something
that we should keep in mind, and I was just slightly worried that it was
not mentioned in Tollef's status update.


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