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Re: Proposal #3: Upstream/Debian Project donations

Venture Communism <venturecommunism@yahoo.com> writes:
> So let's get this straight.
> Step 1) Ask APT people if it belongs in APT
> Get told to go to debian-project list
> Step 2) Ask debian-project list if can put in APT
> Get told doesn't belong in APT
> Step 3) Fix proposal so it's not in APT, goes upstream as asked for, etc.
> Get told to go tell another list

That's not true. The way the proposal is currently worded it could be
implemented by Manu on his own without any need for consensus (other
than some individual being willing to package the donate
program). Pointing out that the package would be even more useful if a
standard for the DONATION file were to be publicized via freedesktop.org
isn't at all the same as telling Manu to "go to another list".



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