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Re: Proposal #3: Upstream/Debian Project donations (was: PaySwarm-based donations)

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 9:55 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> * Debian developers are not allowed to receive any direct monetary
>   contribution or change the upstream DONATE file in any way.

There are definitely situations where not updating the DONATE file is
a bad idea; when upstream is dead and the DONATE file points at spam
sites for example. I think our culture of pushing stuff upstream and
not changing stuff unless necessary works well enough here that
handling the donation information shouldn't be any different.

> The donate program will look for a file named:
> /usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/DONATE

/usr/share/doc isn't guaranteed to exist, /usr/share/donate would be better.

> Does this sound like a workable solution?

I think you should take this to the FreeDesktop lists, Debian is just
one distro and we certainly can't set cross-distro upstream standards.

I also wonder if this should just be folded into a new version of DOAP
instead of inventing an entirely new standard.

Have you done any surveys of how existing software in the archive
encodes donation information? You can look at the list of filenames in
source packages here and look at the files themselves on sources.d.n:

apt-file -a source search donate

Hmm, I see we are distributing some paypal related images, some of
which might be non-free or non-distributable :(

Personally I'm betting the vast majority of upstreams in Debian will
have no donation info present and or no way to donate to them. Have
you done any survey of this on hosting sites where there are standard
ways to setup donations - like on sourceforge?



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