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Re: Proposal #3: Upstream/Debian Project donations

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
> More seriously, you really can't understate how much the project felt
> generally burned by the huge Dunc-Tank controversy.  I was one of the
> people who thought it was a decent idea at the time, but the outcome was
> far more disruptive than I think it was worth.  I think an earlier post
> from you mentioned that you didn't find a lot of good information on-line
> about it.  There is an article at:
>     http://archive09.linux.com/feature/59300
> which isn't awful, but which more importantly has links to a variety of
> other articles and might be a good starting point to understand more about
> what happened.

Not awful, but selective to fit its narrative and some links have
succumbed to bitrot.  Like it notes that I was hard-line on saying
that the experiment failed, but I wrote elsewhere that there should be
no shame in a experiment that fails to achieve its success criteria -
some say we can learn more from failures than successes.  That doesn't
mean politicians should be allowed to redefine failed-with-lessons as
successes, though.

And yes, contrary to that article, a specific date (2006-12-04) was
given.  Was it a commitment? Depends if you think an external business
can commit the debian project to anything.

I think it's also worth reading Anthony Towns's last (AFAIK) summary
of it, which I found using the search on http://planet.debian.net :

That poses the key questions which the project probably needs to address
before some clear, structured funding can happen, but like I noted in
dunc-tank itself refused to collect any data to help answer them.  I'm
not sure we're any closer to answers yet.

Hope that helps,
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