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Re: Doing something about "should remain private forever" emails

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 07:35:26PM +0200, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> If people start asking for the non-disclosure of their messages in
> other languages or any other way that prevents an automated process
> then it is their problem. They would be fighting against their own
> desire.

It's really not - the onus is on the person doing the declassification.
Efforts to reduce this is welcome, but false positives (for
declassification) must be reduced as much as possible, and this is only
possible via manual processing.
Hence the reason why the GR has never been enacted[0].

Additionally, changing the rules in this way from what was agreed the
norms at the time is the very reason I seconded the amendment to that


[0] And also the reason I dislike any votes which require a future
theoretical person to do a large amount of work.

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