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Re: Doing something about "should remain private forever" emails

Le Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:49:55PM +0200, Raphael Geissert a écrit :
> At present, new DDs can access emails that were sent to -private years ago. 
> People who might (or might not) be a member of the project and sent an email 
> may not necessarily agree to that. Or a less controversial example: put 
> simply, if an unauthorised person gets a hand on master.d.o there is no hope 
> for those messages.

Hi Raphael and everybody,

couldn't we first have a split of the list into:

 - one "people" list for messages related to people's private life.  For this
   list, the the most easy way to solve the problem of declassification would
   be to not archive it.

 - one "project" for messages related to Debian but that the senders
   beleive should not be shared with non-members.

For the "project" list related to Debian, as a first step of declassification,
we should regularly inform the public of what was discussed.

This could be aided by a third list, similar to debian-devel-announce, where
people who start a thread can inform others about issues and timelines.  The
messages should then be written with declassification in mind.

For instance, I see two monster threads in the archives of May, which make very
happy that I an not subscribed.  It is our culture that our disucssions give
more space to the DDs who have enough free time to read and write dozens of
emails per day.  Luckily, the end result in term of decisions is not too bad.
But still, I would be happy if there were an easy way to know what is going on,
and that does not require reading or deleting hundreds of emails.

If we reach that level of transparency, then the declassification of each
message becomes less important, as it becomes about who thinks what, and not
about what the project decided and was not made public.

(PS: feel free to paste the proposal in the wiki if you like it).

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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