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Re: Success of iPhone apps (was: Re: What is annoying in the flattr buttons?)

> > > And in conclusion, I would like to remind the extraordinary success of non-free
> > > software on the iPhone, which I think can be explained by the easiness of
> > > micropayement through the Apple webstore.
> > 
> > You should have told about the high level of integration of the whole
> > platform, the overall quality of the (top) apps, the ease of use, the
> > sexiness of the apps, ... and lots of other things that free software
> > apps do, more often than not, lack.

> We do not even need to run a DebStore ourselves, in principle. Anybody could
> start that. But why has not for instance Mark has already started one? He
> must have thought about it and certainly has the resources, too. 

We do not have a DebStore, but we can help the upstream developers who ask for
financial support to receive donnations, by providing links to the URL of
choice they provide. I have drafted a system to feed the Ultimate Debian
Database with metadata about upstream. I and Andreas tested it on a local UDD
clone for bibliographic information, and I think it could be used for financial
support as well. Since this is not related to planet.debian.org, I will start a
new thread when a test system will be implemented with the real UDD, rather than
giving more details here.

What I wanted to underline by the parallel with the Apple Webapps, is that it
seems that some developers like it because it fits their aspiration of becoming
self-employed. I have the impression that at least some Flattr buttons on
Planet have the same purpose. Given how manpower is lacking in Debian, I find
the initiative quite welcome, even if Flatter is not ideal and the first
enthousiastic uses can be a bit loud.


Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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