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Re: Squeeze, firmware and installation

Bernd Zeimetz dijo [Sun, May 09, 2010 at 09:01:55PM +0200]:
> > I’ve never had trouble with such hardware. You can plug a virtual USB
> > device with a hd-media boot image, and put the firmwares on the same
> > image.
> Right. It works, but it is an annoying extra step to do. And I had more than one
> customer asking me why Debian is forcing them to do such an extra step and why
> they should not just use Ubuntu.

Right. And then, you can tell them that Debian does not compromise on
its Free Software principles, right? That is one of the main points
that differentiates our distributions. And knowing what each
distribution stands for, your client will choose what suits him
best. And no harm is done to Debian if your client chooses Ubuntu!

Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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