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Re: Squeeze, firmware and installation

On 05/07/2010 12:02 PM, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le vendredi 07 mai 2010 à 09:49 +0800, Paul Wise a écrit :
>> So the problem only occurs when installing on a host you don't have
>> physical access to and which requires non-free firmware blobs to
>> access the network? Does it occur in any other situation?
>> I've never had to do such a thing, what is your current approach to
>> that? I assume you aren't using CD images here since you mentioned
>> netinst.
> I’ve never had trouble with such hardware. You can plug a virtual USB
> device with a hd-media boot image, and put the firmwares on the same
> image.

Right. It works, but it is an annoying extra step to do. And I had more than one
customer asking me why Debian is forcing them to do such an extra step and why
they should not just use Ubuntu.

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