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Re: Estadistical proyect.


Sorry, but it seems you are wrong :-) (or maybe I couldn't explain as
well as I thought). I don't want to do any thesis or use the core of
debian for it, just want to take the opportunity of make a real, free
and high level stadistical proyect (and supervise by teachers) for a
small contribution for Debian...this is not my "six months master work"
and obviously we are talking about something wich it's in a different
level where Openoffice, kspread or gnumeric are useless. Maybe to
propose this here was a big mistake, not happen again.

Many greetings

El dom, 02-05-2010 a las 23:50 +0200, Steffen Möller escribió:
> Hello,
> for the truly interesting statistics with Debian itself we don't
> have the data, and we don't want to have it since we don't want
> our users to be possibly identified and characterised in some way.
> But if you think a bit upstream of Debian, we can definitely need
> every minute of yours. With my education-hat on, I suggest that
> you have a look at OpenOffice (or kspread or gnumeric to be
> politically correct) and then check out its statistical functions.
> You will find them basically not to exist and to be absolutely
> impossible (well, almost) to set the parameters.
> Your master work could identify ways to bring regular spreadsheets
> closer to what various statsoft programs are already providing for us.
> And then you should implement at least some skeleton of it. You have
> some six months, right? If it was easy, then Redmond would have
> done something to its hilariously bad corner of Excel.
> I'd fancy an integration of R. So maybe you could somehow map the
> two suites.
> Just an idea. Debian brings software and skills to work with it
> to the end users and developers alike. Many of us are also involved
> in some upstream project. You could help with manual/tutorial
> writing any time, also at the core of Debian, but not for your master thesis.
> Many greetings
> Steffen (two weeks almost offline)
> On 05/02/2010 07:29 PM, angel wrote:
> > I see...I don't understand exactly what are the meaning of
> > "pro-activity" or "autonomy" for you, maybe cause never do something
> > like a software contribution, and feel a bit lost, sorry :) but you are
> > right when said I need someone who oriented and tell me what "debian
> > need". I'll try to do "something useful" with your link to the debian
> > database (thanks a lot), but if someone got a better idea or think that
> > there is anything better I could do, contact with me. Thanks Stefano.
> > 
> > El dom, 02-05-2010 a las 18:18 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli escribió:
> >> On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 05:27:21PM +0200, angel wrote:
> >>> It's not a bit, it's too much vague :) but for two basic reasons:
> >>> 	
> >>> .- The project can be as big (or hard) as we need (always within range
> >>> of my master degree, of course, only must to study it), so you are
> >>> completely free for to propose me any idea or project (like manpower, on
> >>> software bugs, on timing of our procedures, etc...). Is like a blank
> >>> canvas...but you must to say me what exactly want I'll do with the data
> >>> (for example, something like obtain a certain probability/stadistic) I
> >>> need to known the data and what do you want I do with these data to
> >>> start and I'm sure you know this much better than me.
> >>
> >> Then, I fear, we won't have a deal :-) We generally don't work this way:
> >> while we welcome any kind of input and help, the proposer usually needs
> >> to show some pro-activity and autonomy.
> >>
> >> Additionally, it seems that currently we don't have any specific idea
> >> about the "precise assignment" you seem to be looking for. So, unless
> >> someone steps in this thread with that (and maybe with willingness to
> >> guide you), you'll have to come up with a precise proposal yourself and
> >> some willingness to dig into our data which, by the way, are publicly
> >> available and generally quite accessible (e.g. in UDD:
> >> http://udd.debian.org).
> >>
> >> Cheers.
> >>
> > 
> > 
> > 

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