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Re: Estadistical proyect.

On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 05:27:21PM +0200, angel wrote:
> It's not a bit, it's too much vague :) but for two basic reasons:
> .- The project can be as big (or hard) as we need (always within range
> of my master degree, of course, only must to study it), so you are
> completely free for to propose me any idea or project (like manpower, on
> software bugs, on timing of our procedures, etc...). Is like a blank
> canvas...but you must to say me what exactly want I'll do with the data
> (for example, something like obtain a certain probability/stadistic) I
> need to known the data and what do you want I do with these data to
> start and I'm sure you know this much better than me.

Then, I fear, we won't have a deal :-) We generally don't work this way:
while we welcome any kind of input and help, the proposer usually needs
to show some pro-activity and autonomy.

Additionally, it seems that currently we don't have any specific idea
about the "precise assignment" you seem to be looking for. So, unless
someone steps in this thread with that (and maybe with willingness to
guide you), you'll have to come up with a precise proposal yourself and
some willingness to dig into our data which, by the way, are publicly
available and generally quite accessible (e.g. in UDD:


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