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Re: Estadistical proyect.


for the truly interesting statistics with Debian itself we don't
have the data, and we don't want to have it since we don't want
our users to be possibly identified and characterised in some way.

But if you think a bit upstream of Debian, we can definitely need
every minute of yours. With my education-hat on, I suggest that
you have a look at OpenOffice (or kspread or gnumeric to be
politically correct) and then check out its statistical functions.
You will find them basically not to exist and to be absolutely
impossible (well, almost) to set the parameters.

Your master work could identify ways to bring regular spreadsheets
closer to what various statsoft programs are already providing for us.
And then you should implement at least some skeleton of it. You have
some six months, right? If it was easy, then Redmond would have
done something to its hilariously bad corner of Excel.

I'd fancy an integration of R. So maybe you could somehow map the
two suites.

Just an idea. Debian brings software and skills to work with it
to the end users and developers alike. Many of us are also involved
in some upstream project. You could help with manual/tutorial
writing any time, also at the core of Debian, but not for your master thesis.

Many greetings

Steffen (two weeks almost offline)

On 05/02/2010 07:29 PM, angel wrote:
> I see...I don't understand exactly what are the meaning of
> "pro-activity" or "autonomy" for you, maybe cause never do something
> like a software contribution, and feel a bit lost, sorry :) but you are
> right when said I need someone who oriented and tell me what "debian
> need". I'll try to do "something useful" with your link to the debian
> database (thanks a lot), but if someone got a better idea or think that
> there is anything better I could do, contact with me. Thanks Stefano.
> El dom, 02-05-2010 a las 18:18 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli escribió:
>> On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 05:27:21PM +0200, angel wrote:
>>> It's not a bit, it's too much vague :) but for two basic reasons:
>>> .- The project can be as big (or hard) as we need (always within range
>>> of my master degree, of course, only must to study it), so you are
>>> completely free for to propose me any idea or project (like manpower, on
>>> software bugs, on timing of our procedures, etc...). Is like a blank
>>> canvas...but you must to say me what exactly want I'll do with the data
>>> (for example, something like obtain a certain probability/stadistic) I
>>> need to known the data and what do you want I do with these data to
>>> start and I'm sure you know this much better than me.
>> Then, I fear, we won't have a deal :-) We generally don't work this way:
>> while we welcome any kind of input and help, the proposer usually needs
>> to show some pro-activity and autonomy.
>> Additionally, it seems that currently we don't have any specific idea
>> about the "precise assignment" you seem to be looking for. So, unless
>> someone steps in this thread with that (and maybe with willingness to
>> guide you), you'll have to come up with a precise proposal yourself and
>> some willingness to dig into our data which, by the way, are publicly
>> available and generally quite accessible (e.g. in UDD:
>> http://udd.debian.org).
>> Cheers.

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