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Re: Estadistical proyect.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 10:58:15AM +0200, angel wrote:
> My name is Angel Bravo, I'm a student at the University of Granada,
> (Spain) in his final year of a masters degree in Statistics. In order to
> finish my degree I am supposed to do a major work in statistics. In case
> Debian is interested in having someone work on a statistical project of
> any nature (the project would be supervised by professors of the
> Statistics and Operations Research department of the University of
> Granada and and Debian would not be charged with any costs whatsoever),
> please feel free to contact me. Yours sincerely, Angel Bravo. 

Dear Angel,
  we do are interested in principle, but I confess your offer is a bit
too vague to understand what you're actually interested in doing. Some
people has shown interest in your proposal (I'm Cc-ing a couple of
them), and I'm personally interested in whatever statistical results
which might raise our awareness on any specific problem we might have
(on manpower, on software bugs, on timing of our procedures, etc.).

For instance, Gaudenz (Cc-ed) has in the past analyzed the community of
Debian contributors, classified them in different categories, and
established a lot of interesting fact on how/when they work, how they
evolve over time, etc. From that, we have been able to derive some very
useful information. That is just an example of work in which statistics
was involved which has been useful to us.

However, we don't have any specific "assignment" to offer right now,
maybe you want to think a bit more about a specific topic and re-iterate
your request? We'll be more than happy to help, once the proposal is a
bit more clear.

Many thanks in advance!

PS in case you are interested in having some pointers to potentially
   related bibliography, feel free to contact me off-list

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