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Re: Switching the default startup method

On 2009-08-24, Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> wrote:
> Julien Cristau wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:22:28 +0000, Philipp Kern wrote:
>>> I wonder if it was always the case that when you switch to upstart you
>>> get to say 'Yes, I know I'll break my system, dpkg, please do it anyway.'.
>> Yes.  upstart conflicts with the essential sysvinit package…
> Did anybody check if upstart and runit still work with insserv?

Apart from the conflicting of upstart against an essential package it just
works fine.  upstart still does the majority of the booting looking at
/etc/rc*.d, for compatibility reasons.  insserv reorders them and the result
just works.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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