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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 08:44:29PM +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
>> The proposal as I understood it was that in December, the key component
>> maintainers / release managers from all interested distributions would
>> discuss, on a public mailing list, their plans for the base versions of
>> those components in their 2010 releases.
> That seems very different to what's usually meant in Debian by "freeze"
> (and "freeze" was the term used in both the debian-announce and
> debian-devel-announce mails). AFAICS, a December agreement of that sort
> would mean a Debian freeze somewhere between January and March.

Like some people said during Debconf: "freezing in December" doesn't
necessarily mean freezing the first day or even the first week of December;
the 31 is still December, which means there are 30 days to decide many
things, if necessary.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
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