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Re: On cadence and collaboration


Mark, thanks for the mail and the many things said.  I have basically
one important point that I'd like you to answer.

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 6:21 AM, Mark Shuttleworth<mark@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> To achieve anything together, we'll both need to work together, we'll need
> to make compromises or we'll need to contribute effort to the other side. If
> the Debian community is willing to consider a December freeze, then Ubuntu
> (and Canonical) will commit resources to help Debian meet that goal.

If Debian commits to a December freeze, would that mean that Ubuntu
commits to releasing 10.04 with KDE 4.3 (already released) and GNOME
2.28 (to be released in a few months), instead of KDE 4.4 (to be
released in January) and GNOME 2.30 (to be released in March)?

This has been one of the main concerns of the December freeze, apart
from the fact that we wouldn't meet our release goals, that you are
suggesting how to solve.  Ubuntu has shown in the past a tendency to
ship with the latest versions of software. In the case of GNOME, the
freeze in Ubuntu usually happens before GNOME is even released, and
yet the latest GNOME goes into the release.

So, how would that work in this case?

It is my opinion that freezing after GNOME releases (and gets into
testing) would be better for Debian.  This means either April or
October, depending on which GNOME release we want to ship.

If we think, for real, that December is the best month of the year to
freeze (I definitely don't), then we would need to somehow convince
both GNOME and KDE (and then other upstreams as well) to release in
October/November.  It's not that much of a change for GNOME, but I
don't see this happening this year for KDE.  Maybe next year, if this
is planned well in advance.

But why December? December is a very nasty month to do important
things, people go on holidays, stay away from their computers for one,
two or more weeks.  If anything, I think December is the worst month
to plan for a freeze.


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