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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes


Steve Langasek schrieb:

>> Please try to put yourself in our (the press teams) place:
>> * In the release teams keynote a major change is announced
>> * It is clear, that the topic will be picked up by journalists
> I wonder why this is clear, exactly - I didn't notice journalists in
> the room during the talk, and I doubt they're watching the DebConf
> video feed in realtime.

That was meant in a more general way:  It seemed to me clear, that such
a change would be picked up by the journalists as soon as they get to
know.  I think you agree on that?

So taking into consideration the third point it was just a matter of
time before it would hit the press. And therefore we had the choice to
wait and let journalists pick random stuff (and the risk, that they
don't understood it completely (which journalists don't stop from still
writing)) or do what we did:  Send out an announcement for them to base
their articles on (and hope, that we are easy enough for them).

> Don't you think there was time here to have a developer announcement
> + discussion first, without worrying about the press covering it
> before we'd even posted to d-d-a?

That's not important; independently of whether there was time for mail
to d-d-a or not, it's not the press teams job to keep Developers
informed.  The press teams job is "external" communication.

So if you want to blame us, then blame us for the being out of sync
regarding "internal" and "external" communication.

Best regards,

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