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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes


Thijs Kinkhorst schrieb:

>> If you don't like that, don't shoot the messenger, because they
>> might get sick of being shooten at at every occasion; thanks.
> I think an important critic in this thread is the way the message was
> brought: DD's like myself are learning of this decision from a press
> release. Affected teams haven't been asked or even informed beforehand.
> This is definitely something that the 'messenger' should have considered
> before deciding to take this route to announce the plan, don't you think?

Please try to put yourself in our (the press teams) place:
* In the release teams keynote a major change is announced
* It is clear, that the topic will be picked up by journalists
* It is also clear, that the topic will sooner or later be seen on
planet.debian.org or some mailing list

As press team we can either wait for journalists to pick it up from
random blog posts and mails or we can try to draft an official
announcement, get it OKed by as much involved people as possible.  If
possible we will decide on the later option to prevent confusion or
articles written based on biased blogs or mails, otherwise we would do a
very bad job to Debian by just waiting.

If you don't like what was announced, feel free to discuss it the
release team.  But don't blame us for doing our job.

Best regards,

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