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Re: Creating a public list for wanna-build team? Input needed.

* Raphael Hertzog [Wed, 18 Feb 2009 14:19:39 +0100]:

> I agree it would be useful, debian-release@l.d.o already started to collect
> binnmus request in the past and it would seem natural to me that
> such request (now properly directed at the wbadm team) get
> archived/discussed in the same spirit on a dedicated list hosted at
> lists.debian.org.

(JFTR, and as hinted in [1], binNMUs are to still be handled by the
release team, at least for now. If there's any change in this, we'll
notify the appropriate lists.)

  [1]: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/11/msg00006.html


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