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Re: squeeze and the future of the alpha port, redux

Steve Langasek wrote:

Also unsurprisingly (to me, given my observations that had led to the post
in the first place), no one else has yet stepped up to be an alpha porter
for squeeze.

What is involved in this job? What is the time commitment? What is the needed experience?

Up to now I have only being doing testing and some basic debugging, but only in packages that are particularly of interest to me. I am now starting to get familiar with the Debian package build tools.

I linked to
as a starting point for folks to get involved in trying to help with the
alpha port if they want to see it continue in squeeze.

I believe I am capable of tracking down some of those bugs, but I won't be able to make a start for at least another two months or so due to other commitments I have at the moment.

  But in the absence of some demonstration of committment in the next
couple of weeks, on March 7 I'll plan to ask the ftp team and the release
team to drop alpha from the archive for testing and unstable.

Ouch! Just when the patches to provide PCI resource files under sysfs on Alpha have materialised, and I was so looking forward to the new xserver propagating through to unstable and testing.

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