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Re: NEW queue

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 11:45:47PM +0000, Stephen Gran wrote:
> argued that everyone can and should work together.  I just mentioned
> that if the pool of people willing to do annoyingly tedious work in
> exchange for being insulted regularly on mailing lists was that large,
> we should have seen more applicants.

Would you assume then, that if all those positions were vacated, there
would be no one volunteering to fill them?

> What I gather from this overwrought verbiage is that you don't think
> groups of people should be able to choose to work together on the part
> of Debian that interests them?

What I think is that if core team members insist that they have the right
and "freedom to choose what you spend your time on and who you spend it with"
and this translates to only letting people join if they're "trusted", you
have a problem.  If the DPL delegates a new person to join a core team and
old people resign or fade away because they don't "trust" or want to work
with this new person, you have a second problem.  If there are plenty of
people willing to help out but not if it means working with one or more
of the current members, you have a third problem.

I think that such problems are systemic, and don't get fixed merely by shuffling
personnel around.

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