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Re: NEW queue

On 11547 March 1977, Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> The NEW queue hasn't been processed for two months if we except a few
> fast-tracked packages, and the number of packages it contains has 
> increased a lot.

This is not entirely true.
Yes, it has been processed way less often than in the past and has grown
to a size we dont like. But no, it wasn't only fast-tracked packages. :)

What you saw is most probably a change in the code behind NEW which,
since some time, gives precedence to packages that only add new binary
components to the archive, not full source uploads. The idea being that
those need way less time to process, which usually works pretty well.

Of course it also looks like only those packages get in, if there are
like 10 "binary-only" and 3 or 4 source accepts in one NEW run.

> Some rumors said it is due to the approaching release of Lenny, but on
> the other hand some packages in NEW are targeted to experimental, which
> is the suggested way to test changes for Squeeze [1].

This is something we can't select in our tools currently, no suite gets
precedence there.

> It may also be due to the ftp-masters being busy with other things
> or not feeling like working on that. In that case, I would suggest to
> appoint a new ftp-master/ftp-master assistant.

It is thanks to most of us being busy for some time, yes. That should
get better.
New assistants - well. I called for help some time ago. Got *very few*
replies of which even less matched the expectations (in terms of what
they volunteer for, limiting yourself to just one kind of work wasn't
(and isn't) what we look(ed) for). From the rest that volunteered we got
one new ftpteam member, one resigned and another one is still in

> Could we please have some details about that?

Enough details? :)

bye, Joerg
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