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Call for help from the archive team (Re: NEW queue)

Do you really honestly believe that people should join a team when they
can't get along with the existing members. Do you really honestly believe
that saying that the ability to get along is expected is a bad thing?
Saying that one "needs to be able to deal with all the existing team members :)" is not the same thing as saying that one needs to be a team player. Mentioning the existing team members, with a smile, suggests that these people are not easy to deal with. "Should any of the existing members have a problem with you, the problem will be you." In other words, "We keep the right to kick *any* recruit for whatever reason." Note that I'm not saying the archive team *intended* to express that. This is one way the caveat could be understood.

Pretending that there exists this limitless pool of people who want to do
really tedious work and be insulted for their effort except that Ganneff
selfishly keeps them out is both wishful thinking and less than helpful.
I haven't seen Ana pretend such a thing. Ana pointed out that the archive team's request may have had something wrong, and I can only concur.

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