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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

On Fri, Oct 24 2008, Michael Hanke wrote:

> The keyring does not have to be exposed directly. It could work via a
> delaying queue or stanging area. Changes commited to be applied to the
> keyring could be made publicly available for peer-review. This would
> make it possible that any change could be veto'ed by any other project
> member during the delay period.

        Who takes the action to "expose" the modified keyring? If it is
 still the DAM. then this is not very different from sending email, and
 letting DAM take the action of updating the exposed keyring.

        The changes, then, are:
 a) other people may undertake the task of modifying the keyring. This
    could be a good thing, in reducing the load on the DAM, and it can
    be a bad thing, if less experinced folks flub the change and mess up
    the keyring.
 b) Everyone can see what the pending changes are.
 c) It would perhaps make it harder for the DAM to cherry pick the
    changes people have made.

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