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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership


Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> * Membership is controlled via GnuPG keyrings, primarily maintained by the
>   Debian Account Manager. The keyrings shall be maintained in a way that
>   allows any member to change them, and that is fully transparent to the
>   members in general, and that further makes it easy to undo mistakes.

hu? why? Don't you think that this has security implications?
And don't you think, there is an interest to protect the security of
the Debian project machines? Well, we think that every DD is
trustworthy, because we rely on GPG signatures between already trusted
people. But after all power you give to people is an appeal to exploit it.
So its IMHO not really a good idea to give power to people,
who _do not need_ the power.

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