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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

On Fri, Oct 24 2008, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> I believe, very strongly, that the important distinction between someone
> who is a member of Debian and someone who is not is that the member may
> vote in Debian matters. 

> Further, I do believe that being able to upload packages is another very
> fundamental right for a member in the Debian project: our operating
> system is divided into packages, and development of the system is what
> we do. 

> * Membership in the project gives both voting and upload rights.

> * Membership ends 24 months after they're given, or after the latest
>   participation in a vote arranged by the project's Secretary. Members
>   may retire themselves earlier, of course.

        Given the above, retention of membership should be dependent on
 a vote and/or package uploads, since those are the defining
 characteristics of a developer. Sending an email should not count,
 since anyone may send emails, and if you are not exercising your rights
 as a DD, you do not need to be one.

> * Members may be expelled via the normal General Resolution process, with
>   a simple majority. Ftpmasters may temporarily limit upload rights in an
>   emergency.

        So expulsion by DAM's is a power you are proposing to remove?
 Or is this in addition?

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