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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

pe, 2008-10-24 kello 22:56 -0500, Manoj Srivastava kirjoitti:
> > The keyring does not have to be exposed directly. It could work via a
> > delaying queue or stanging area. Changes commited to be applied to the
> > keyring could be made publicly available for peer-review. This would
> > make it possible that any change could be veto'ed by any other project
> > member during the delay period.
>         Who takes the action to "expose" the modified keyring?

I would make it automated, via e-mails, RSS feeds, or some other
suitable method.

If the keyring it maintained in a version control system, for example,
all changes require a commit, and all commits can generate an e-mail to
a suitable list.

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