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Re: Re^4: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

"Lars Versen" <sfs.com@gmx.net> wrote:
> Steve Langasek, exactly that is a general misunderstanding of you and
> a few other Debian Developers.
> "I have three world-class operating system releases to my credit,
> and you dont" [...]

I don't believe Steve Langasek ever wrote that.  Please try to quote
accurately and give references where appropriate.  If no quote or
reference is available, that might suggest the point should be cut.

> What is the point of making software that does not discriminate other
> people, but the behaviour of several Debian Developers does?

I don't know.  There is a difference between discriminating against a
person and judging a person according to their actions.

> Did you sign the Debian Social Contract and agree to the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines to get as much reputation as possible for being
> one of the best hackers, or do you enjoy giving people great tools so
> they can have the most benefit from using their computer?


> [...] GNU/Debian Linux is used and supported by companies like Hewlett
> Packard, Intel and many others.
> Shouldnt that create good self confidence for all the people who help
> to make GNU/Debian Linux what it is?

Not necessarily.  They are just companies and most companies act in
their narrow self-interest.

> Why do some people use that self confidence against small people like
> me, instead of trying to catch the message that I try to voice?

To stop you doing the harm to the project that they forsee.

Hope that helps,
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