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Using the BTS instead of a different system? (Was: RFC: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs))

On 18/01/08 at 12:15 +0100, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> > If you've already decided you want to invent your own system,
> Oh no, it's not decided at all.  I'm not convinced by you, but if many
> others are, this isn't going to happen I suppose.  That's why we're
> discussing it. ;-)

I'm not convinced either.

It will make sense that discussion about some DEPs happens on the BTS.
However, the big improvement I see with DEPs, is that we have a single
document to read, that summarizes the state of the issue.

Let's take bug #209008 (debian-policy: [PROPOSAL] common interface for
parallel building in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS) as an example. There are already
50 mails in that bug report, split in 5 threads. If you want to know the
status of this pseudo-DEP, you basically have to read them all.

Having a separate document with summarizes the motivations and the state
of this issue would be really useful, and would allow other people to
contribute to the thread without going through the 50 mails.

However, there might still be something to address in DEP0: maybe we
should allow the discussion about DEPs to happen in a different place,
specified by the DEP itself. In the case of a pseudo-DEP about parallel
building, the DEP could specify that discussion should happen on the
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