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Re: Re^4: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy


This is my first and only mail on this subject.

> Subject: Re: Re^4: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

Why do you start new threads all the time?  It breaks mutt's threaded
view, and it makes sure that your message shows as a new thread.  This
also makes it impossible to ignore the rest of the thread without
specifying that you really want to ignore it with every message from
you.  The only reason I can see for doing this, is that you want to make
sure people don't ignore you, even if they want to.  If that is indeed
the intention, that makes you a spammer IMO.  And thereby even less

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 10:02:12AM +0100, Lars Versen wrote:
> > Right - 20 pages of anything, from someone who doesn't appear to be
> > contributing to the community which he insists should change to his
> > standards, is not going to be particularly well-received.
> Steve Langasek, exactly that is a general misunderstanding of you and
> a few other Debian Developers.  "I have three world-class operating
> system releases to my credit, and you dont" is cause for respect and
> fame, but it does not justify the attitude, that anybody else has no
> right to voice his opinion, if he cant show up with similar credit.

I can't show similar credit, and Steve doesn't do that to me.  That's
because I do actually do things in Debian.  I wasn't release manager,
and I'm not a maintainer of important packages, but I am active in the
community, and do some things.  The only thing I've seen from you is
e-mails about how to change things.  

You are not listed as the maintainer of any package, I don't know you as
someone who is active in translations or ports or infrastructure.  In
short, I don't know you at all.  You seem to be a total outsider to the
project.  I fully agree with Steve: as an outsider, you should not
expect positive responses to a proposal to radically change the project.
(Although you didn't really do any proposal so far, you just mentioned
some things nobody contested, and complained about being mistreated.)

> Conciousness, awareness, understanding and practise of non-violent
> communication.

I'd like to add one: no useless communication.  Please don't post to a
list if you have nothing useful to say.

> A few smart people with a good understanding of social ethics made up
> the Debian Social Contract. And one of the main points of this Debian
> Social Contract is "we will not hide problems" and "our priorities are
> our users". Thank you for keeping that in mind through all your
> actions.

You seem to read that as "you guys promised to do anything any user
asks".  Guess what?  That's not what we think it means.

> What is the point of making software that does not discriminate other
> people, but the behaviour of several Debian Developers does?

Who is discriminating, on what grounds, and how is that unacceptable?
Do you mean Steve shouldn't be allowed to tell you that you're annoying,
because he doesn't tell others the same thing?  If so, get serious.

> Why do some people use that self confidence against small people like
> me, instead of trying to catch the message that I try to voice?

Because Debian is driven by a community.  People who do things tend to
be taken more seriously, especially when it is about large changes.

If you really want to help make Debian better, you should start by
getting involved.  Build packages, for example.  As long as you're not
willing to do actual work, don't expect people to welcome your advice
about changing Debian.

That's all I have to say about this.  If you want a reply from me,
please post off-list.  I shall not reply to anything which is (also)
sent to the list.  And certainly not if it's sent as a new thread.


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