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Re: Planet policy?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> On to, 2007-08-09 at 17:38 +0200, Bastian Venthur wrote:
>> Why so complicated? Isn't it easier to divide the content of planet into
>> something like "personal" and "technical" (assuming the feeders assign
>> their blog-feeds to the appropriate address) and then let the user check
>> (via check boxes) which one of them they want to see? Planet would then
>> display the contents of both sections by default but have two check
>> boxes somewhere, where you can disable one (or both :) ) of them.
> I think you're assuming that Planet Debian is only about the web page,
> but it's not. I almost never look at the web page, I follow it via the
> RSS feed, and those don't have any way of having buttons, or any other
> dynamic content, for that matter.

Shouldn't be too hart do implement tree different feeds for one page
(debian/non-debian/both). At least this would be the least intrusive
variant of all proposed solutions so far (kicking people from the planet
or creating a second one).

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